Raise your hand if you have ever overindulged while on vacation and headed home 5–10 pounds heavier! My goal here is to share practical tips to help you enjoy vacation time without adding to your waistline.

This summer my family and I headed to Italy for a two-week dream vacation. We flew into Venice then headed to Florence, Positano, Capri then finally Rome. Italy did not disappoint. Italian history is epic. The views were epic. The food was, oh ah, epic. Truth be told Italy is carb central. Pizza and pasta available everywhere you turn. Definitely not how I eat at home. So, my time there forced me to implement some strategies that would ensure maximum enjoyment while there without packing on the pounds.

Here are 6 of my top tips for enjoying your vacation without increasing your waistline.




Tip #1: Breakfast is key!

My goal each and every morning is to fuel my body with a balanced and healthy breakfast. Let me describe what that means to me… 

  • Eggs are always on my menu. I mean, what’s breakfast without eggs? LOL!
  • Let’s talk veggies. I didn’t always love vegetables at breakfast but now they are a MUST. I love incorporating veggies like spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions for a punch of color, flavor, and necessary nutrients.
  • Next up, let’s talk carbs. One serving of a healthy carb is a must for me. Sweet potato, roasted potatoes or one slice of whole grain bread to round it out.
  • A healthy fat, like avocado, is like icing on the cake. AHHHH I can’t help but think of a beautiful egg white frittata or omelet. Delish!



Tip #2: Let’s get physical.

To me, that means, exercise as much as you can while on vacation. 30 minutes of cardio or a body weight routine will help you burn some of those extra calories.

Lucky for me, my fitness streaming service, Beachbody on Demand, makes it easy for me to take my favorite trainers anywhere I go. Make a little space in your hotel room, outside by the pool or even in the hotel gym, press play and get your sweat on before you head out on your adventures. And with zero equipment, Mes de Mas has become my go-to vacation program!



Tip #3: Hydrate!

How do I do that effectively? I take my sidekick everywhere I go — my trusty 20 ounce, aqua colored, Yeti cup. Having my own cup ensures that I am thinking about drinking water throughout the day. I can easily filler up in the hotel lobby, at a restaurant or even a safe water fountain. Hydration is key friends! It’s the truth that you can often feel hungry when all you really are is thirsty. Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate in between your cocktails!



Tip #4: Let’s talk cocktails.

Speaking of cocktails, you’re probably wondering if I indulge in adult beverages while vacationing. HECK YES! Once again, I’m strategic about it. Do I drink calorie-loaded drinks piña coladas? Nope. I focus on drinking low-calorie, low-sugar options.

My favorites are: vodka + club soda (or flavored water), skinny margaritas, and wine. Low-calorie beer is also an option.



Tip #5: Load those veggies at every meal instead of carbs.

Have a slice of pizza but indulge in a salad first. Eat that burger but skip the fries. Veggies will satisfy you and won’t add unnecessary calories.

Here’s another tip when it comes to sandwiches and burgers which I LOVE! Cut the thing in half. Eat one half with the bread. Second half, remove the bread and eat the meat with your salad. This strategy satisfies my craving and I don’t get overly full.  



Tip #6: Have a plan.

I already mentioned that the food in Italy was EPIC. So much yummy, bread, pizza, risotto, and pasta. I knew that if I ate all these things every day – morning, noon and night – I would gain unnecessary weight. So, I developed a plan. Every other day!

I would eat pasta every other day. I would indulge every other day. On the “off” day, I would choose a lean protein and veggies. Guess what, it worked. Best of both worlds and I came home with my six-pack intact! SCORE!

And in case you’re wondering, this is how I eat on the weekends too — life is meant to be enjoyed but I believe we call also do it in a healthy way!

What are YOUR vacation diets hacks/tips? Let me know in the comments below!