People: “Is it like 21 Day Fix Extreme? 80 Day Obsession? Hammer & Chisel?”
Me: “NONE of the above!”

Can’t compare apples to oranges, right? 9 Week Control Freak stands on its own!

It’s 100% unique.
100% cutting edge.
And 100% effective.

Just like every program Autumn Calabrese has created!

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So, what does it mean to be a Control Freak!?

You’re probably thinking, “ohhh, great, I have to control EVERYTHANG in my life and stop having fun in order to get results with 9WCF.” I realized quite early in the process, that a “Control Freak” mindset is NOT that at all!

Being a “Control Freak” is actually a positive thing. 

It means that YOU get to decide how much effort YOU want to put in!

Basically, Autumn is encouraging you to accept responsibility for your fitness and nutrition.

How did my mindset change?

Larry and I actually found freedom in this mindset! We didn’t feel restricted because we decided on Day 1 that we would consistently track our containers. And if we wanted a burger or a cocktail, for example. we would adjust our yellows accordingly! After all, that is the definition of Foundational Fix!

Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out my blog on the Ultimate Portion Fix meal plan.

We always had a plan in place for our nutrition and that helped us succeed each day. Even while on the boat, enjoying summer, off the shores of Key Largo! Guys, it can be done! Like I’ve always said, “give 50% effort and you’ll see 50% results!” The same is true for going all in!

What kind of results can you expect from 9 Week Control Freak?

9 Week Control Freak is a great at-home fitness program! It is extremely effective for just 30 minutes max per day, and 5 just days per week! Like I’m still floored with Larry and I’s results (check them out below). 9 Week Control Freak is truly Autumn Calabrese at her BEST!

ANNNDDD, I will say this — buying this program isn’t enough.

It’s not the trainer’s fault, nor the program’s fault, if you don’t get the results you expected!

Stop putting the responsibility on Autumn and start shifting it to YOU! This program encourages you to get real with yourself, to evaluate YOUR actions and level of commitment (or lack thereof). It is what it is! Soooo, decide each day to WIN!

That’s what being a Control Freak means!

What can you expect from the workouts?

At this point, I can’t share too much about the actual workouts and equipment. But, what I can say is that 9 Week Control Freak is a 3-in-1 workout philosophy and it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Believe me, it is EPIC!

The workouts are fast, nonstop, creative, and effective. Like so fast that before you know it, it’s over!

The workouts consist of metabolic training to improve your strength and endurance, some completely new muscle-building compound moves, and fat-incinerating cardio exercises!

Please don’t confuse a short workout with easy. UMMMM, yeah, you’ll get your butt kicked on the daily because being a Control Freak means elevating your commitment, mind, and body to reach your goals!

You’re probably wondering… “So, what’s this 3 -in-1 Cardio Strength Training thing?
  1. Density Rounds are the ultimate hybrid of metabolic and strength training. I truly loved the “me against me” mindset here.
  2. Complex Sets are next which are 2 or more exercises performed back to back with no rest.
  3. Tabata Cardio brings us home with maximum effort in just 4 minutes of amazing fat incinerating moves! (It’s similar to HIIT, but on a whole other level!)

The discomfort is real AND the results are unmatched! Take a look:

9 Week Control Freak Final Results

In just one round, 9 weeks, of 9 Week Control Freak here’s what we achieved:

(click each image to view larger!)

Larry’s Results:

Total Weight Loss: -21lbs
Total Inches Lost: -13.25″

And check this out, his calves are down -1.75″ EACH! Holy, wow! So he really lost 16.75″ in 9 weeks using Ultimate Portion Fix, Foundational Fix, Plan D.

My Results:

Total Weight Loss: -4lbs
Total Inches Lost: -8.75″

And, if you’re curious, I was on Ultimate Portion Fix, Foundational Fix, Plan C. And if you’re wondering: YES – it’s a lot of food! And, YES, you will still lose weight!

So, what’s next? Well, we just keep going just like you should — FIT4LIFE!

I’m sure you’re wondering… “When will I be able to get started?!”

There are a couple of key dates to keep in mind…

December 2020: VIP Access deals open up to Coaches (Not a Coach? You can sign up for FREE with your purchase and get instant access to the program materials!)

Early January 2020: VIP Access deals open to ALL customers — you don’t need to be a Coach or even a current Beachbody customer to order and get these amazing deals that will be available for a limited time!

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