Are you ready to level up your fitness?!

If the answer if YES, then keep reading! Amoila Cesar, new Beachbody Trainer and go-to strength and transformation specialist for several NBA players is bringing his gritty and no-nonsense style to your home gym with his new program! 

6 Weeks of THE WORK, Amolia’s brand new and extremely intense training program, is going to push you to new fitness heights. If you are looking to level up your workouts, this is the program for you! Amoila specializes in helping his clients achieve strong, lean, and agile bodies. The program focuses on three elements that are the pillars of Amoila’s training style: strength, agility, and mobility. 

6 Week of THE WORK Program Breakdown:

  • Trainer: Amoila Cesar
  • Intensity: Advanced — a special Fit Test is recommended before starting. 
  • Program Length: 6 weeks with 36 unique workouts
  • Daily Commitment: 45 minutes, 6 days/week
  • Best For: Muscle toning & fat burning
  • Language: Explicit & clean tracks of each workout will be available in English. Only clean tracks available in Spanish & French.
  • Fit Test: Available NOW — Just ask me how to get it!
  • Program Release Date: Available Now

What is the 6 Weeks of THE WORK meal plan?

You have a few options to consider for your nutrition plan, you can either follow 1 of our 2 nutrition programs: Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset. Or you can choose to follow the Beachbody nutrition guide which will be available with the 6 Weeks of The Work program materials.

You choose which one works best for your lifestyle and your needs.

What equipment will you need?

If you’ve completed other Beachbody programs, you might already have what you need!


  • A range of weights (Light/Medium/Heavy)
  • Strength Slides
  • Resistance Loops


  • Pull up bar
  • Fitness or Yoga Mat (this is optional, but I’d HIGLY recommend one for comfort)

Who is 6 Weeks of THE WORK for?

Beachbody doesn’t say this very often: this program is NOT for everyone. 

This program is designed for men and women with a high level of fitness looking to level up their results and performance. It is highly recommended that you complete the Fit Test prior to starting to make sure that this program is for you!   

Not quite ready to take on the program? I have created a Custom 6 Weeks of THE WORK Hybrid Workout Schedule designed to help you get ready for 6 Weeks of The Work! Click the button below to email me & let me know you’re interested in this hybrid workout!

FYI: This hybrid calendar will be made available to my customers and coaches who INVEST in 6 Weeks of The Work.

Is there a modifier option available?

NO! This 6 Weeks of The Word is geared to advanced exercisers! If you aren’t ready just yet, there are several other programs available now to help you get started. Let me know what you’re interested in and I can help you find the perfect program to start your journey.

What will the workouts be like?

Over 6 weeks, the focus will be on functional fitness, performing compound movements, agility moves, and mobility exercises to help you build a stronger body and prepare you for real-life activities. You can bet that there will be lots of variety to help you from getting bored and from hitting training plateaus. WIN-WIN!

I love what he had to say about gaining muscle: “Some people just have ‘show muscles,’” Amoila says. “They look good, but they can’t move well. With this program, you’re going to have both. You’ll be able to sprint down the yard to chase your dog or your daughter. You’ll be able to carry all the groceries inside without making multiple trips. 6 Weeks of THE WORK is going to help you with all aspects of your life.”

What else is unique about this new program?

I love a well-placed F Bomb, especially when working hard! Amolia doesn’t hold back and he’s going to effing push you!

Not down with explicit language? There are clean tracks available too — we got you!

Ready to start 6 Weeks of THE WORK?

6 Weeks of THE WORK is available RIGHT NOW. You can stream it from anywhere on most devices with any Beachbody On Demand Subscription!

Don’t have a Beachbody On Demand membership yet? The Work is also included in the 14-Day Free Trial Membership, click below to try it & get access for $0 today!

*Despite the fact that the free trial requires payment info, I promise you WILL NOT be charged anything! Simply set an alert on your phone before the trial ends and head to quickly easily cancel your membership if you don’t love it OR ask me about how to continue your membership & SAVE OVER 60% per year by upgrading to an annual plan!

Try 6 Weeks of THE WORK Surrounded by an Awesome Support Group!

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