In April 2019, I decided to give it a try — collagen that is! I had been hearing the buzz all over social media on how this supplement could help with my skin and nails. Being that I’m 44 years young, this peaked my interest. Which one should I buy? I wasn’t sure, so, I did what most people do; I went straight to Amazon, started doing research and bought one there.

I got it in the mail and started adding collagen to my Shakeology every day. Soon after, I started noticing that my hair was growing faster than usual. “Why am I noticing my roots coming in faster than usual?” Must the the Collagen! I also noticed that my hair wasn’t falling out in wads like before. Yes, it’s the collagen. Not to mention the amount of compliments that I’ve been getting over my glowing skin in the last few months — SCORE! I’m 100% in!

So, when Beachbody shared that they were launching Collagen Boost, to say that I was excited would be an understatement! 

 Here are some details:
  • It’s a completely flavorless powder, so you can add it into your hot or cold drink.
  • It’s a hydrolyzed collagen which allow for better digestion.
  • Type 1 & 3 collagen (keep reading for the explanation).
  • It contains 1 ingredient — can you guess what it is? COLLAGEN!
  • And it’s 100% natural. NO artificial additives.

Let’s take a deeper dive, and cover the basics of collagen…

Collagen 101: What Is It?

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most plentiful protein in the body. It makes up about ¾ of the total protein in our skin. It works in conjunction with elastin to help our skin “fill out” and “snap back.” Collagen has also been shown to be important in decreasing brittleness of our hair & nails, decreasing breakage!

Why do we need collagen anyway?

Pay extra attention here! 

Did you know that starting at age 20, our bodies slowly start producing less and less collagen and elastin? UMMM, scary but TRUE! What this means is that we are now more susceptible to wrinkles and sagging skin! No bueno!

You may be thinking – “Yeah that’s all great but I don’t *NEED* a collagen supplement. My health doesn’t depend on it.” Ok, I get that. But let’s take a different perspective. If you’re spending money on the regular on wrinkle creams or skincare products, you can actually save money by tackling wrinkles from the inside out. 

I have always believed that beauty starts on the inside. Why not give your body what it needs to do its job naturally?

So, how does a collagen supplement work?

Protein is made up of long chains of organic compounds called amino acids, these long chains can be broken down into shorter chains called “peptides.” Peptides are the blueprint that provides our bodies with instructions. SOOOO, it’s the collagen proteins contain peptides that alert the body to start producing collagen!

Bottom line — one of collagen’s main responsibilities is to help produce MORE collagen! BOOM! That’s a WIN WIN in my book!

So, by taking a collagen supplement, you’re actually encouraging your body to do what it’s designed to do! Cha Ching!

Here’s What Makes Beachbody Collagen Boost Different

There are various ways you can buy collagen these days. Pill, capsule form, or the most popular, collagen powder. And this is the form I’ve been using and the kind Beachbody has now released! 

It’s a flavorless, dissolvable powder that you can mix into your favorite beverage, hot or cold, or any liquid-based foods like soups. You can even add it to your yogurt and favorite dips! All you need is ONE serving per day taken at any time throughout the day.

But here’s why I love it…

It’s Made of a Hydrolyzed Protein

Sounds complicated right? Well, it’s not. Hydrolyzed simply means that it’s broken down into smaller particles, making it more bioavailable. And that means that the body can digest and breakdown to the protein so that it enters the bloodstream more quickly and efficiently. Approximately a 90% absorption rate!

What this boils down to is that ONE scoop goes a long way. Use LESS and get the same benefits!

Collagen powder serving size

The serving size of Beachbody Collagen Boost is just 2.5g, compared to the 20g serving size of the previous collagen powder I was consuming, I’m SAVING money! 

Beachbody Collagen Boost is a Type 1 & 3 Collagen

Depending on where the collagen is sourced from, it helps aid the body in different ways. Being sourced from grass-fed bovine, makes this a type 1 & 3.

Here’s what Type 1 collagen helps with:

  • Improving skin elasticity
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Growing thicker and stronger hair
  • Stronger nails

Type 3 collagen benefits are:

  • Skin elasticity & hydration
  • Supports gut health

Wondering about Type 2 collagen? It supports joint health. And while Type 1 & 3 collagens haven’t been studies to aid in joint health, I know a few people who have noted that it’s help with their joint issues!

It’s Starts Working in Just 30 Days

Why not give it a shot? Beachbody Collagen comes with a full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. That means you can test it out and if you don’t love it, you can send it back, within 30 days, for a full refund (minus shipping and handling).

And It’s Affordable

Beachbody’s Collagen Boost is .45¢ less per serving than the collagen powder I was buying from Amazon. WOW! 

Those savings add up: $12–$14 less each month!

PLUS, if you’re a Beachbody Coach, you can use your Coach Discount on your order, making it almost HALF the price. 

As a Coach, I’m saving $20+ per month!

There’s no better deal out there — I’ve looked!

Try It For Yourself Today

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P.S. You don’t have to commit to actually “coaching” or building a business — you can just sign up for the discount!