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I will never forget sitting at Coach Summit 2019 anxiously waiting for the BIG announcement — what will our January 2020 program be? “Something tough and cutting edge I hope!” Then CEO, Carl Daikeler comes on stage and says, “You’ve been asking for this for years. I was listening!” He then proceeds to announce Barre Blend as the 2020 launch…

I immediately went into judgment mode. “Well, I’m NOT doing that. That’s definitely not for me. Geez!” Come on, what happened to being positive about trying something new and different, Becky? Lol!

Fast Forward to the 2019 Leadership Retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona…

I had the chance to choose 1 of our trainers to workout with live! I chose to workout with Amoila from 6 Weeks of THE WORK, “he’ll kick my butt for sure. That’s my jam.” But I went ahead and signed my husband up to workout with Elise — you know, just in case.

I don’t know why, but I assumed that everyone would hate the Barre Blend workout — WRONG!

After day 1, all I heard was rave reviews from my fellow coaches about the first live Barre Blend workout! I decided that I would NOT miss workout 2 on Saturday morning (thank God I signed Larry up!). Being that I have a ballet background, I figured this would be a breeze for me — WRONG again! 


Barre Blend Workout Review

Can’t you tell from the look on my face that I was shocked?! My butt was on fire at this moment!! I turn into a big baby when challenged with millions of leg lifts. LOL! Truthfully, I loved the ballet influence, the softness of the moves and the emphasis on posture, balance, flexibility, and grace. The dance-inspired moves are fun yet challenging (even for me).

And my ears perked up when I found out that she does incorporate light weights into her workouts!

As for Elise Joan, she is the equivalent of a ray of sunshine. Her energy is infectious, uplifting, encouraging and positive. LOVE HER and I need her in my life!

And honestly, I’m now actually into the idea of doing this program despite my initial opinion on it! From the look of Elise’s physique (long, lean, toned with perfect arms, abs, and butt), maybe a different form of training may benefit me, too.

I’m even thinking of inviting my mom, 68 years young, to do it with me. She was a very good ballet dancer back in the day and could benefit from this program — yes this is for everyone!

So, let’s talk more about Barre Blend…

Barre Blend Program Breakdown:

  • Trainer: Elise Joan
  • Intensity: Great for all fitness levels & ages
  • Program Length: 60 days with 40 unique workouts
  • Daily Commitment: 30–40 minutes, 5 days/week
  • Best For: Fat burning & muscle toning
  • Languages: English, Spanish, & French.
  • Release Date: Available Now

Who is Elise Joan?

You may know her from Beachbody On Demand’s 3 Week Yoga Retreat.

Elise Joan, Barre Blend creator, is a former professional dancer who has taught barre-based fitness and yoga for over a decade. She has been a wellness expert and host with Lifetime Television, ABC News, E!, Extra, CBS News, and Amazon.com, among others!

And, as I mentioned, her energy is infectious — so uplifting, something we all need in our lives!

Who is this program for?

Everyone and anyone looking to achieve a dancer’s body with long and lean muscles!

Barre Blend uses dance-inspired movements to shape and tone your entire body. Combine that with light weights and dynamic cardio intervals, and you get a high-energy workout that feels more like fun than exercise.

And I can totally see how fun this will be to do with a group of friends!

By the way, you do NOT need ballet experience to succeed with Barre Blend — the choreography will be simple and easy to follow!

What is the Barre Blend meal plan?

You have 3 options to choose from! First is the Beachbody Guide to Nutrition. This is designed to provide you with effective eating strategies and delicious recipes, plus tips to help you reach your fitness or weight loss goals!

If you want to get serious about your nutrition, you also have the option to choose from The Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset program.

The program also incorporates Shakeology (a must for me!). And Beachbody Performance Energize & Recover, these are pre- and post-workout supplements that can take your workout performance and fitness results to the next level!

What equipment will you need for Barre Blend?

I’m sure you’re thinking, “great — now I need to invest in a ballet barre! Where the heck will I put it?” NOPE!

Any sturdy household object at the appropriate height will do — got a strong and secure chair? Use that! Have a couch, dining table, or a counter? That’ll work too! Problem solved!


  • A sturdy chair (or something else strong and secure)
  • Light weights: 1 to 5lbs


  • Beachbody Resistance Loops: these will help bring the burn while strengthening and toning your body!
  • Yoga mat
  • Beachbody Barre Socks

Is there a modifier option available?

YES — if you need to take it easy there will be a modifier available. Plus, intensifier will also be provided for those at an elite level of fitness. YESSS, I LOVE that!!

What is unique about this program?

It comes with “I AM” Daily Motivation Cards.

We all know how important it is to choose happiness and a positive mindset on the daily. To promote this and a sense of gratitude, Elise chooses a Daily Motivation Card before every workout. So, you get to choose your own card daily to receive a powerful affirmation that will set you up for your best day and keep you motivated throughout the program!


What else is included with Barre Blend?

Aside from the “I AM” cards and your Beachbody Guide to Nutrition, what else will you get with your investment?

  • 2 Prep Workouts: 20-min Classic Full Body Blend and 20-min Cardio Blend
  • 4 Barre Basics Videos: Designed to demonstrate some of the moves you’ll see throughout the program and terminology so you’re ready to hop right in!
  • 40 New Unique Workouts: The program is broken down into 4 phases, 5 new workouts each week — every 2 weeks the moves and difficulty are changed up so you keep seeing progress!
  • 5 Bonus “10-Minute Enhancement” Workouts: These workouts target specific areas of the body (like core, upper body, booty), and you can add them on at the end of any workout for extreme results!
  • 3 Recovery Workouts: 10–15 minutes Yoga Blend and Roll & Replenish to stretch it out, release tension, and increase mobility.

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