Raise your hand if you want to lose weight, build muscle, and be fitter than ever? MEEEE! PICK MEEEE! If you want all that and feel your best, too, then keep reading!

This at-home fitness program is sure to get you there and teach you a few things along the way!


Yesssss it does — I’ve been preaching that for years! And I know that Super Trainer Megan Davies will get people to shift their mindsets on what it takes to reach their fitness goals.

Check out what Megan said, “People are always asking me the secret to losing weight for good and getting a seriously toned physique. The answer is easy because it’s so simple — no matter your goals, you need resistance training. Using weights will challenge your body, causing it to consume more energy and, in turn, burn more fat.”


And, that my friends, is the name of Beachbody summer fitness program: #mbf.

#mbf = Muscle. Burns. Fat. This simple yet incredibly effective philosophy is what #mbf and, its successor, #mbfa (Muscle Burns Fat Advanced) are all about.

Want to know more? Keep reading!

#mbf & #mbfa Program Breakdown:

  • Trainer: Megan Davies
  • Intensity: Beginner-Intermediate/Advanced
  • Program Length: 3 weeks each (so, 6 weeks if you complete both back-to-back)
  • Daily Commitment: 25-40 minutes, 7 days/week
  • Equipment Needed: Light, medium & heavy weights, BOD rope
  • Best For: Weight loss, gaining strong lean muscle
  • Release Date: Available Now

What are #mbf & #mbfa all about?

#mbf (also called Muscle Burns Fat) and #mbfa (aka Muscle Burns Fat Advanced) is like 2 program in one and was created by Super Trainer Megan Davies (hint hint: you may recognize her from Beachbody’s “reality show” The 20’s and also from our intro program, Clean Week!) 

Part 1 of the program is #mbf
This is the beginner/intermediate level program designed to be completed 1st. The workouts are a little less intense and slightly shorter in length! But they’re designed to progress your body so that you’re ready for part 2!

Part 2 is #mbfa… 
The “a” standing for “advanced.” Here, the workout will amp up in intensity and time, but you’ll be ready for it, I promise! 

In total there are 42 unique workouts, so you’ll never complete the same workout in all 6 weeks of the program!

How long are the workouts?

You’ll start off by easing into the workouts with just 25-35 minutes each day! And by the time you get to #mbfa you’ll be soaring through the longer 25-40 minute workouts with ease.

Part 1 #mbf:

  • 25-35 minutes
  • 7 days/week
  • 3 weeks

Part 2 #mbfa:

  • 25-40 minutes
  • 7 days/week
  • 3 weeks

What are the workouts like?

#mbf and #mbfa will both have similar workouts types, you’ll notice the same names and similar workout styles — but #mbfa will crank up the intensity! Here’s what you’ll see… 

Mon/Wed/Fri: Strength

These days are my jam — and with a name like Muscle Burns Fat, you’ve got to expect lots of strength training! You’ll have… 

  • Lower Body Burn
  • Upper Body Burn
  • Full Body Burn

If you’ve done any of our other programs or workout out using weights at all, you’ll probably recognize many of these moves! But there will also be many asymmetrical weight lifting moves — this is where you’ll have weight in 1 hand, NOT 2. Why? It purposely throws your body off balance forcing you to use more core strength to stay balanced.

Tues/Thurs: Cardio

Don’t love cadio? Same. We’re in luck. Only 2/7 days are cardio-based! THANK YOU, Megan! We’ve got…

  • Core Circut 1
  • Core Circut 2

And BONUS: As the name may have hinted, it’s not cardio work 100% of time — there will be core moved mixed in each cardio day.

These include a AMRAP Challenge (aka “As Many Rounds As Possible”) at the end where work to beat your own personal best each time! AHHHHH ME against ME! Love that!

Sat: Power Ignite

Here’s where it gets interesting… who’s familiar with EMOM? I’m not afraid to admit, I had no clue. Here’s what I learned:

EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute: Here’s what you can expect… Megan will give you a move and a rep count and you’ll have 1 minute to complete those reps!

The hack to making these easier? Work harder! You’re going to think I’m crazy but seriously — think about. The faster you get those reps done, the more time at the end of that minute you’ll get to rest before the next move!! MIND. BLOWN.

Sunday: Recovery

And then, at the end of the week, we finally get to stretch and recover! 

There will be a few bonus videos as well:

On-The-Go Workouts: These are zero-equipment workouts designed to help keep going when you don’t have access to weights!

Bonus #mbf & #mbfa Workouts: These are short 10-minute workouts you can add after your workouts whenever you feel like it to amp up your results!

What equipment is required for the program?

Not a whole lot — you’ve probably got what you need already. Except for 1 thing, something new to our programs: the BOD Rope.

What in the world is a BOD Rope? It’s a convenient jump rope designed for indoor use. It’s cordless with weighted handles! So, low ceilings? No problem. Haven’t used a jump rope since you were 8 and worried you’ll trip and break a leg? No worries here!

So, all you’ll need is:

  • Light, medium, & heavy weights
  • BOD rope

And, just like with all of our programs – there’s not definitely of “light,” “medium,” or “heavy.” It just depends on your current strength! If you’re not sure, I’m always here to help you decide!

What kind of results will you get from Muscle Burns Fat?

Amazing results! Of course. But, seriously, though… at the time of writing this, the Coach Test Group hasn’t completed the full 6 weeks yet. But take a peek at these 3-week #mbf results!

Is #mfb right for you?

Without a doubt, YES. Why do I know that? Because this program is designed to advance ANYONE from beginner/intermediate to advanced-level and designed to give EVERYONE crazy results! But really… answer these questions for me:

  • Do you want to burn fat?
  • Do you want to build lean muscle?
  • Do you want a flat stomach and insane core?
  • Do you want a new way to challenge yourself?

Yes? Then this is for Y.O.U.

So, when can you get started?!

#mbf & #mbfa are available RIGHT NOW. You can stream them from anywhere on most devices with any Beachbody On Demand Subscription!

Don’t have a Beachbody On Demand membership yet? Muscle Burns Fat is also included in the 14-Day Free Trial Membership, click below to try it & get access for $0 today!

*Despite the fact that the free trial requires payment info, I promise you WILL NOT be charged anything! Simply set an alert on your phone before the trial ends and head to BeachbodyAccount.com to quickly easily cancel your membership if you don’t love it OR ask me about how to continue your membership & SAVE OVER 60% per year by upgrading to an annual plan!

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