Did you know that in June 2008, as I started my journey with P90X, I told my husband “one day that’ll be me on the screen! I will be selected as a cast member for a Beachbody program!” I didn’t know how or when but I never stopped believing it would happen. I didn’t stop believing even as opportunities slipped through my hands over and over again. I never stopped visualizing, praying, and telling people about my dream. My parents always taught my sister and I that if you want something you have to work hard for it so that’s what I did. I kept training and working on me.

Then, one Thursday afternoon in February 2018, while driving home from school dismissal with my boys, I got the call:

“Becky would you like to be in the cast of our first ever all Spanish workout program with a new Latina trainer?” No hesitation — mouth on floor! “What took you so long? LOL! Yesssssssss! Count me in. [My husband] Larry and I will make it work! A million thank you’s!”

I can’t even describe the size of the smile on my face at that moment! The culmination of 20+ years of training and good ole fashion work!

Moral of the story…don’t give up on your freaking dreams!


The Beachbody Studios were full of surprises.

The first leg of the trip kicked off in early March as I flew out to Los Angeles by my lonesome to begin 3 straight days of rehearsals. I remember feeling so ready, blessed, and excited for this adventure. I knew in my heart that God had placed this opportunity in my path because I was ready for it. The fun began right away.

The first surprise?…

I walked into the rehearsal space and almost fainted. OMG we’re in the 80 Day Obsession set! Being that I participated in the 80 Day Coach Test Group, it was surreal to see the space with my own eyes! I had to compose myself pretty quickly because rehearsals needed to begin. After a cast introductions and a short pow wow with Idalis Velazquez, our new Hispanic Super Trainer, and the production team, it was time to workout.

And, that’s where I found out I was the intensifier for the program! BOOM!

Becky Brossett 80 Day Obsession Set

And our next surprise?…

Joel Freeman was at Beachbody Studios too! He was rehearsing with his cast as well for his newest program LIIFT4! We Loved seeing the behind scenes and the construction of both the Mes de Más and LIIFT4 sets — score!


Then, it was rehearsal time.

So, this is how our rehearsal days went. Each day we were slated to review in detail and rehearse three full routines. We went through all the moves with Idalis for form and technique cues and for terminology in Spanish. After a short break to chug some Energize, it was time to DO IT! What I mean by that is: do the workout, all out, like if you are on camera, 100% level of effort. That happened three times per day for three days! It was exhausting. It was exhilarating. It was everything I ever imagined it could be and more!

Beachbody Mes de Mas Set at the Beachbody Studios

There were moments when I had to tell myself, “suck it up Becky. You’ve been training for this your whole life.” I tapped into my faith, my inner Rockstar Becky and gave it my all.

Our downtime moments were also the best! We had time to chill, chat, and get to know each other. We broke bread and of course took tons of selfies with Idalis, the cast and the production team! LOL!

On the third day, we said our temporary goodbyes and headed back home, exhausted and ready to share all my stories with my family. I felt so incredibly blessed to be on this amazing journey with such incredible people! “See you in just a week and a half everyone!”


After a short break at home, it was back to start filming!

On Sunday, March 18th, I was “going back to Cali, Cali Cali” for the start of Mes de Más filming. I kind of already knew what was coming in terms of exercise, effort, and exhaustion, so yeah, I was a bit nervous and as well as EXCITED! EEEEK my dreaming is NOW coming true! 10 years in the making! Someone pinch me!

Bright and early on Monday morning, with a backpack filled with my most amazing workout clothes and shoes, I stepped into Beachbody Studios and met with the hair, makeup, and wardrobe team.

Can I just say that wardrobe takes FOREVER?!

“Try on these pants. Let’s see this top on you. Let me see what shoes you brought. Change those pants. Ok, let’s get approval from the production team. Let’s change that top and those shoes. Now she’s clashing with Idalis’ mat.” Literally changing one article of clothing can throw off everyone’s outfits and tons of changes ensue.

Once wardrobe is approved, it’s time for a quick run through of the moves, professional photo shoot (my absolute favorite part), lots of Energize then… Lights, Camera, Action!

You probably have never thought about this because I certainly didn’t but it takes a crap load of people to pull together the complete production of Beachbody workouts from start to finish. I was certainly impressed with everyone’s teamwork and how efficient and smooth it all ran.


During filming was definitely where I felt the most comfortable and in my element.

I couldn’t help but feel this overwhelming sense of gratitude so I decided to ‘let it rip’ and let my strengths shine. I pushed hard through every rep. I smiled into the camera and spoke words of encouragement. “Vamos (let’s go).” “Dale mas duro” (Push harder).” “No paren (don’t stop).” I enjoyed it ALL even when they yelled “cut” and made us repeat moves over and over again! Yes, that did happen on workout 3 of day 3, upper body 4!  We were toast by that point!


I met the most amazing people and got to feature what I love most — fitness! Thank you Beachbody for making my dream a reality. Bucket list – CHECK!


Try Mes de Más With Me

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