“Conquer your mind, so you can transform your life.”

I have a surprise for you! What if I said have the opportunity to transform your body in 20 minutes per day? What’s more surprising is who will be motivating you to do it.

The one and only — Shaun T.
Surpriseeee! That’s right, he’s back!

Can you believe it’s been over three years since Shaun T released a fitness program? For Shaun T fans like me, three years too long to wait for his motivational and extreme fitness style. He’s now better than ever, and it’s time to get to work on transforming your mind, body, and life!

Shaun T has created a new blockbuster at-home fitness program called Transform :20!

Check this out to see what it’s all about:

What is Transform :20?

Transform :20 is a total body workout focused on scorching fat, flattening your stomach, and getting you stronger and leaner, 6 days/week for 6 weeks. Let’s not forget that you will get faster, more agile, more flexible, and take your endurance to another level. Hint: Don’t forget to track your transformer moves to monitor your progress week to week!   

You’ll work everything — legs, upper body, glutes, and core.

To get your mind right and keep you motivated, Shaun T is also creating weekly videos for your rest days to help you sharpen your focus, visualize your goals, and push you to finish strong. Get ready to be motivated and inspired!

The best part is you’ll be doing the program in real-time with new workouts every day. No repeats, no do-overs. This is everyone getting to work and getting it done, together.

Who is Transform :20 for?

Everyone! Shaun T is realistic. So, he created this program with busy people in mind.

He understands that there are many people who just don’t have the time to work out for long periods of time. As a new father himself, he finds less and less time to dedicate to his own workouts. This is what motivated him to create a program for everyone. And if you’re thinking that 20 minutes isn’t enough for you, just you wait until your first workout. Never underestimate Shaun T!

What equipment is needed?

There’s something else that’s totally new about Transform :20.

For the first time ever on Beachbody On Demand, Shaun T has incorporated a STEP as a transformational tool. And, that’s all the equipment you need to get a kick-butt workout.

Transform :20 Beachbody Step

“The 90’s called and they want their step back.

I kid — NO, this isn’t your ordinary step aerobics. “Come on, ya’ll!” You know Shaun T is always on the forefront of fitness. He’s using this step to challenge your total body in insane ways you never imagined. That’s why Transform :20 will transform everything in just 20 minutes.

What type of results can you expect?

If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ll drop inches, pounds, and pant sizes. If you’re looking to build strength, you’ll feel stronger and stronger every day! Push yourself and your body will TRANSFORM.

If you’re interested in seeing real results from real people, Shaun T took on a group of contestants on the TODAY Show to show what this program can really do in just 6 weeks. Take a look at their final results here.

As for MY results… I feel leaner, stronger, and full of energy! 

Transform :20 Reults

When will it be available?

Transform :20 is available NOW in the Beachbody On Demand Member Library. That means, if you have a BOD Subscription, you have access to the program, meal plan, and everything you’ll need to get started (except the step, of course). 

Don’t have a membership yet? This program is also included in the 14-Day Free Trial Membership, click below to try it out & get access for $0 today!

*Despite the fact that the free trial requires payment info, I promise you WILL NOT be charged anything! Simply set an alert on your phone before the trial ends and head to BeachbodyAccount.com to quickly easily cancel your membership if you don’t love it OR ask me about how to continue your membership & SAVE OVER 60% per year by upgrading to an annual plan!

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