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The one word that changed my life: YES!

I was the Queen of No! “No, I don’t want to. No, I can’t. No, I don’t like it. No, no, no.” My way or the highway — especially with my fitness. Half the time I don’t even let the question, situation, request, etc, sink in — it’s just “NO!” So yeah, I still suffer from “no-itis,” just ask Babycakes and my mom! Rigid AF! LOL

Through my growth and faith journey, I have started to open my heart and mind to new possibilities. You don’t know until you know, right? And, you don’t know until you say YES and try it.

Well… enter Barre Blend.

At first, I absolutely said, “NOOOOO I’m not doing that program. That’s not for me. That’s not too easy” without educating myself, without doing it and without giving Elise Joan, Beachbody Super Trainer, and Beachbody the benefit of the doubt. 

I figured “I’m an extreme fitness enthusiast. I jump and do pushups and pullups… barre (a ballet workout) doesn’t fit within my box.” No thank you!

Well, guess what?

I decided to change my perspective, be flexible, and honor my body. I decided to open my heart to something new and challenge myself to train differently. I decided to say “YES” and I’m happier than a pig in shit!

YES YES YES — Barre Blend is for me!

I love the moves. I love the intensity. I love the challenge. I love my 2lb weights. I love Elise and her words of self-love and positivity!🙌

Bro — going through the entire 8-week journey with Barre Blend truly shows my growth and internal transformation! I’m proud of myself! AND super proud of my results (which you can see below).

So, here’s my 100% honest review on Beachbody’s first at home Barre program…

It is literally for everyone — young, old, dancer, non-dancer, fitness enthusiast or beginner…. it will transform your body! 

You can actually do this program 3 times and never truly do the same workout because there is a modifier, mid-line version, and intensifier. There is always room to up-level!

Are you thinking, “there’s no way 2lb weights will work for me; I need more?” Check your ego at the door and ditch old mindsets – the 2lb will have you shaking, burning and chiseling your arms.

I’ve been asked, “isn’t it too slow for you?” Absolutely not. First, you’re moving constantly. No time to waste. Second, intensity takes many shapes and forms so even when you’re in the midst of slow and controlled leg lifts, I can say that you will be working and working hard!

Barre has added some softness and grace into my life… I also feel like I’ve grown 1/2″!

I cannot get enough of Elise, her words, her vibe, and her energy! She is a ray of sunshine. But don’t get it twisted, she’s going to encourage you to push harder than ever to reach new levels in your life.

I am in love with selecting a daily affirmation card. It helped me set the tone for my workout and helped me remember what a badass I am! These cards should be implemented with every program and in life!

I LOVE MY RESULTS — I wasn’t sure what I would accomplish but I am blown away! My abs have abs thanks to all the balance work, daily core work, and twisting. I feel lean, strong, flexible, and alive!

BOOTY GOALS is Elise and I’m getting there! Barre will lift and shape that booty. Elise will hit angles that you’ve never imagined!

I smile during every workout and who doesn’t want more of that?!

Now, let’s talk about my Barre Blend results.

I know you’re wondering — NO I did not combine this program with any other fitness programs. These are pure Barre Blend and Ultimate Portion Fix (Plan B) results!

So without further ado, here is my final transformation after one round of Barre Blend…

Starting Measurements

Starting Weight: 116.5 lbs
Right Thigh: 17.5″
Left Thigh: 17.5″
Right Bicep: 11″
Left Bicep: 11″
Hips: 33.5″
Waist: 27″
Chest: 35″
TOTAL: 152.5″

Final Results Measurements

Final Weight: 112 lbs (-4.5 lbs)
Right Thigh: 16.5″
Left Thigh: 17
Right Bicep: 10″
Left Bicep: 10″
Hips: 31″
Waist: 26″
Chest: 35″
TOTAL: 145.5″ (-7″ total)

You saw that right — in total I lost 4.5 lbs (weight loss wasn’t the goal!) and a total of 7 inches! I feel so much longer and leaner!

I am so happy I said YES to Barre Blend! At 44.5 years old, it’s changed my mindset on fitness and it changed my body — this is 44.

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